New version of Woodstock 69 best performance series video ( Feb 2009)

Woodstock 1969 best performance with most shocking style rockers.
This clip is an intro to our series Woodstock 1969 revealed , if you are already watched n Youtube in the past you may knowing why we make this new video version. At this time,Feb 2009 Youtube was suspended or rejected all videos has matched ID copyright (WMG music).Not other, our notable Woodstock 69 clips has NO AUDIO from now on youtube and may be continued on Bliptv in the next?
Here 's another clip for your watching with full content.

In the next post, we will posted full song TRY -a little bit harder of Janis Joplin that has been rejected in this woodstock best performance.At first,Youtube note only Try matched ID ,but i replace it continueing to notice next song also matched ID ( seems all best performed in woodstock are matched ID copyright)..Besidethat we make all new clips at here for your interests about Woodstock 69 musics.


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