Why i make this videoblog Woodstock 1969 ?

I realized that no one had tried to collect most notable artists ,best songs, best performed bands and clipped shortest information of The Woodstock 1969 for free .Besidethat, i would like to put it back together in my video blog "Woodstock1969video" on Blogger blogspot for that everyone could be get it for free from now !

If not you must be spend so much money for knowing about : "The Woodstock Music and Art Fair in 1969."
There's no way to know exactly how many songs were played at Woodstock, but most sources agree on 210 songs. Then if you would like to a complete video & sound tracks of Woodstock 69 ,you must be buy so many as :  2 CD Woodstock soundtrack and The Who's Woodstock show to start ,Jimi Hendrix Live At Woodstock and Ravi Shankar at Woodstock. 
Sets of CCR, Janis Joplin, Grateful Dead, The Who,2 Santana official cds ,9 songs of Sha-Na-Na's ,3 songs of Arlo Guthrie, 8 of Sweetwater's ,Sly & The Family Stone are all out there and when you find them, you find the complete Woodstock set of that band. 
At last , you don't need to buy anything , i will make it to watching at here for you but collected for special songs only. Don't forget to drop a comment for anything you like to talk and for suggest any song to downloading,i will make all video music including links downloadable.( some clips was on my private storage if those clips don't appear on Youtube by matched ID copyright ).

Woodstock 1969 Music drugs legal and love was as "free" .The Woodstock Music and Art Fair in 1969 drew more than 450,000 people to a pasture in Sullivan County.
"Woodstock like the 60s themselves, can never be repeated again".

Gone to "Woodstock 1969 video blog" to knowing all most effects moments of the greatest concert in history.


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